Edgewater's new civic center opens Sunday. The $13 million facility was partly paid for with marijuana sales tax revenue.

Edgewater’s $13 million civic center, partly funded by cannabis cash, opens Sunday

EDGEWATER — This weekend, thanks to its bustling marijuana trade, this tiny city on the western shore of Sloan’s Lake will forge a new civic identity with the opening of a $13 million municipal complex complete with library, police station, fitness center and city offices.

Without $3 million in tax money from the city’s half-dozen pot shops to put toward the project’s total cost, city manager HJ Stalf said, “We’d still be chasing it.”

And during that chase, Edgewater’s police force would still be working out of the cramped space of a former butcher’s shop and city staff would continue toiling out of an office furniture store-turned-city hall on Sheridan Boulevard.

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