Canna Cribs Episode 2 Phat Panda marijuana Grow Op Farms, Spokane, Washington

Watch: Canna Cribs goes inside Phat Panda’s Grow Op Farms in Spokane, Washington

The wait is over — Canna Cribs by Growers Network is back on The Cannabist.

Episode 2 of Canna Cribs takes viewers to Phat Panda‘s Grow Op Farms in Spokane, Wash., a 60,000-square-foot facility growing and processing some of the Evergreen State’s finest cannabis.

Go inside to see how Grow Op Farms grows 200 unique strains, takes clones from 400 mother plants, tends to 40 flower rooms, hand-trims 20 pounds per day, rolls 70,000 joints per week and develops proprietary extracts and edibles.

The Cannabist has partnered with the private┬ásocial network for cannabis professionals, to broadcast the entire first season, stay tuned for exclusive behind-the-scenes extras — and the next episode of Canna Cribs.