Connor Lux, cofounder and marketing director for Cultivated Synergy, at the company’s RiNo coworking and event space for marijuana-related businesses. (Photo by Hailey Mensik/Special to The Denver Post)

Marijuana-focused co-working space becomes hub for 30 small businesses

Cultivated Synergy could potentially open another space in Colorado Springs, Fort Collins or Boulder

Cultivated Synergy, a marijuana-focused co-working space in Denver’s River North neighborhood, serves as a hub for people starting up in the budding cannabis industry.

By hosting cannabis-infused yoga and dab-and-dine events where industry partners can network, as well as offering a collaborative office space for startups and small businesses, the company helps connect ancillary businesses to others in the industry seeking their products and services.

“Our business model has expanded from us being a good physical space, but now being a huge epicenter for the industry, so to speak, and we’ve just really built up a huge network,” said Connor Lux, co-founder and marketing director for Cultivated Synergy.

It currently has more than 60 members, representing almost 30 companies and brands. While some members don’t occupy actual office space, they’re still part of a bigger networking group that helps sponsor the many events.

One of its members is Ready Cannabis, a company licensing the concept of bowls prepacked with marijuana — think Keurig-type one-serving cups, but filled with pot rather than coffee. Founding member Clifford VanVoorhees rents time in the shared space and said he has made numerous connections at the office and through networking events.

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