An employee pours marijuana back into a jar at Boulder's Terrapin Care Station in 2016. (Jeremy Papasso, The Daily Camera)

Dispensary promos remain illegal in Boulder, but rule could be reviewed later

The Boulder City Council on Tuesday unanimously approved a series of rule changes for the local cannabis industry, and planned to reevaluate some key matters later this year.

Most of the nearly 20 actions taken have little or no effect on the public, but are of interest to people who work in the industry. For example, cold-water extraction is now legal at cultivation facilities, and marijuana businesses now must keep phones on their premises at all times so that local officers have a guaranteed point of contact in case of emergency.

But one of the rule changes concerns promotional items, which have everything to do with the public.

It’s illegal in Boulder for marijuana businesses to give anything away for free or below market value, no matter how cheap the item may be. Dispensaries are prohibited from handing out stickers and lighters with their logos on them, and also cannot sell marijuana at a vast discount that brings the product’s price below market rate.

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