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High Minded podcast by The Cannabist | S01E05

Welcome to High Minded by The Cannabist, our podcast diving into the stories, news and voices shaping a new billion-dollar industry.

This episode of High Minded is coming to you in two acts, hosted by The Cannabist’s staff.

Act I features serial news storytelling from our team of award-winning journalists. Season one is hosted by Alicia Wallace. In Act II, Cannabist editor Alex Pasquariello leads “The Conversation” with marijuana’s movers and shakers in government, law and business.

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High Minded by The Cannabist
Season 1, Episode 5


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Act I

CBD, TBD with Alicia Wallace
Cannabinoids on local grocery shelves, but for how long?

High Minded concludes its Season 1 serial series “CBD, TBD” with a look at cannabidiol’s pharmaceutical future and the potential ripple effects for the producers and retailers of the artisanal hemp-derived extracts sold today.

London-based GW Pharmaceuticals is nearing U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval for its CBD-based Epidiolex, a treatment for rare, early onset seizure disorders. Steve Schultz, GW’s director of investor relations, and Alice Mead, GW’s vice president of U.S. professional relations, share details about their company’s approach and the pipeline of cannabinoid-based therapies. Attorney Rod Kight, who writes about hemp legal issues in his blog, “Kight on Cannabis,” provides insight as to what the future may hold for how CBD is sold.

Act II

The Conversation, hosted by Alex Pasquariello

High Minded’s Season 1 Conversation is framed by a months-long correspondence The Cannabist has dubbed “The Sessions Letters.”

Since April 2017, the U.S. attorney general Jeff Sessions has sent missives to officials in the first four states to legalize adult-use marijuana: Alaska, Colorado, Oregon and Washington. In the letters, Sessions has raised serious questions about their respective regulatory and enforcement regimes.

High Minded convened a panel of Colorado’s top government officials to discuss their state’s response to Sessions.

In this episode, we wrap up our season-long conversation by bringing back our full panel of Colorado regulators to talk about how partnerships between Colorado state agencies and the marijuana industry shape and improve policy. How do regulators strike a balance of enforcement and regulation, while working with industry groups to maximize public health and public safety outcomes?

The Conversation takes place with:

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