Agriculture regulators from seven different states and Guam tour a Denver marijuana growing warehouse on a tour organized by the Colorado Department of Agriculture in Denver on January 31, 2017. The department is opening up its marijuana knowledge to other states. (Kristen Wyatt, The Associated Press)

California looks at marijuana legalization lessons learned from Colorado, Washington

California will kick off 2018 by initiating recreational sales of marijuana.

As the most populous state in the nation approaches cannabis legalization, residents, businesses and officials are looking to places — such as Colorado and Washington — that have started down this road already.

Alicia Wallace, The Cannabist’s national marijuana business and policy reporter, and Bob Young, who covers marijuana for the Seattle Times, will be guests on Southern California radio program “AirTalk” to share information about the lessons learned from Colorado and Washington, respectively.

The interview is taking place Thursday at 10:45 a.m. Pacific on KPCC 89.3.

Listen here.