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Find your inner “Ganja Goddess” at these ultra-modern wellness retreats

Deidra Bagdasarian refers to cannabis as both a “healing herb” and a “therapeutic aid” – or, in other words, an arguably essential ingredient absent from conventional wellness retreats.

“Cannabis allows you to feel safe. It allows you to get real vulnerable real quick, by letting you take off your mask and bring down all those walls we put up around strangers – especially other women,” Bagdasarian, the founder of Bliss Edibles, tells Civilized.

It was with this idea in mind in 2016 that Bagdasarian founded Ganja Goddess Getaways (GGG), a series of overnight retreats for women who are interested in using cannabis as a “creative and spiritual tool.”

From cannabis-infused activities like yoga, painting, belly dancing and meditation to engaging panels on body positivity and the role cannabis can play in women’s health, all the offerings at any given GGG are focused on “connecting women to each other and to the [cannabis] plant.”

“We’re really trying to promote this sense of community that is predicated on each individual taking wonderful care of themselves and giving themselves what they need, so they can in turn look around and give to their world what it needs,” says Bagdasarian.

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