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Guy stopped with 3,100 pounds of weed tells cop, “It’s just a little — I can throw it out”

A Mesa County, Colorado sheriff’s deputy was driving south on 29 Road in Fruitvale Saturday afternoon with his window down when he smelled something fishy.

Well, skunky.

The patrol deputy, who was not working with the Western Colorado Drug Task Force, had pulled up behind a white Penske moving truck with Indiana plates when — from inside his own vehicle — he caught a whiff of fresh marijuana, the deputy wrote in an arrest affidavit.

After pulling the driver over on a speeding violation, the deputy approached the truck and found the smell “overwhelming.” He asked driver Sinh Chan Hoang, a 53-year-old Mandarin speaker whose address was listed in California, if there was any marijuana in the truck.

“Yes,” Hoang replied, according to the deputy’s report. “Just a little.”

When the deputy asked to see, Hoang agreed, opening the truck’s overhead door and pulling out a large black plastic trash bag. He ripped a hole in it with his fingers and pulled out the marijuana buds inside.

“It’s just a little bit,” Hoang repeated, according to the deputy. “I can throw it out.”

A “little” turned out to be quite a lot.

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