An Israeli woman prepares marijuana plants for smoking at the BOL (Breath Of Life) Pharma laboratories in the country's second-largest medical cannabis plantation, near Kfar Pines in northern Israel, on March 9, 2016. The recreational use of cannabis is illegal in the Jewish state, but for the past 10 years its therapeutic use has not only been permitted but also encouraged. Last year, doctors prescribed the herb to about 25,000 patients suffering from cancer, epilepsy, post-traumatic stress and degenerative diseases. The purpose is not to cure them but to alleviate their symptoms. Forbidden to export its cannabis plants, Israel is concentrating instead on marketing its agronomic, medical and technological expertise in the hope of becoming a world hub in the field. / AFP / JACK GUEZ (Photo credit should read JACK GUEZ/AFP/Getty Images)

Cannabist Show: She takes a pharmaceutical approach to cannabis science

Featured guest: Dot Colagiovanni, senior director of pharmaceutical development for Next Frontier Biosciences. She holds a doctorate in molecular toxicology and environmental health sciences, and specializes in pain, anti-infectives, oncology and inflammatory lung diseases.


•  Whether it’s Big Pharma or lil’ pharma, heavily regulated and scientific approaches to cannabis are the new norm.

•  How cannabinoids interact with different parts of your body, and also how they interact with other intoxicants.

•  Sativa, Indica, Hybrid — does it really make a difference which strain was used to make an edible, if all you’re adding is the compound THC?


Jeff Sessions’ letter to Oregon gov cites “pervasive illicit cannabis cultivation”: Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ marijuana-related missive to Oregon’s top official zeroed in on state police findings that cannabis legalization did little to cull black market activity, and took a similar tack to letters recently sent to other governors. The Cannabist obtained a copy of Sessions’ letter addressed to Gov. Kate Brown, outlining his concerns about the effectiveness of Oregon’s marijuana regulatory system. Sessions’ correspondence is in response to an April 3 letter from Brown and the governors of Alaska, Colorado and Washington imploring the Justice and Treasury departments to maintain the current marijuana enforcement guidelines established under the Obama administration. –Report by The Cannabist’s Alicia Wallace

Meet Pennsylvania’s unlikely ‘Pastor for Pot’: What would they think? His congregation. His representatives. All those people in the town hall. He didn’t look like a rebel. And he didn’t look like a stoner — because he wasn’t one. (He still isn’t). He wore his white collar – he regularly does in public. He was just as baby-faced then as he is now, about three years later. He didn’t look like the “pastor for pot” — even though that’s what some have called him. –Report by the York Daily Record’s Joel Shannon

First Hawaii medical marijuana dispensary just opened after 17-year wait for patients: Dispensary sales of medical marijuana in Hawaii are beginning after patients waited 17 years for a legal way to purchase the drug. –Report by The Associated Press’ Cathy Bussewitz

71-year-old Californian arrested in North Dakota with 183 pounds of weed: Authorities say a 71-year-old man from California was arrested with 183 pounds of marijuana in his car when he was pulled over on Interstate 94 in North Dakota. –Report by The Associated Press

What’s the best way to clean your glass? Watch:

Dirty water pipes are the worst. Want to taste that new Colorado Loud, or California Gold, but you’re only getting yesterday’s Purple Urkle? The Cannabist has a simple cleaning solution you can put together on the cheap from any grocery store to get that sticky, super-icky resin out of your piece.

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