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“Dope growers”? Why is this term still being used?

Re: “Denver Water wants to double the amount of recycled water used in the city. The health department’s not sure it’s safe,” July 13 news story.

Reporter Bruce Finley displayed his prejudice when he used the words “dope growers” in this article.  Mr. Finley has been reporting in Colorado for a long time, yet still refers to the people who grow marijuana as “dope growers.”

I have been using tincture of marijuana since 2010 to treat a bone degenerative disease. I feel somewhat hopeless when I read Denver’s daily newspaper and its reporters are still referring to medical marijuana as “dope.”

The article suggests that marijuana grow operations should use recycled water. Many experts do not believe that a human should ingest Denver’s recycled water. Does anyone honestly believe that medical marijuana patients are such unworthy humans that we should ingest medicine that has been nurtured with water that is unfit to drink?

Cathy Donohue, Denver

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