The Cannabist's latest installment in its "Infused" video recipe series keeps it simple with everything you need to make a tasty ice cream float using ingredients available at Emerald Fields dispensaries.

This ice cream float is an elevated summer treat

Editor’s note: The Cannabist’s latest installment in its “Infused” video recipe series is sponsored by Emerald Fields, a Colorado dispensary with two locations selling flower, prerolled cones, concentrates, edibles and topicals.

Elevated Ice Cream Float

Serves: 1

1 bottle (12 fluid ounces) of your favorite flavored Keef Cola (10 mg THC total)
4 ounces vanilla Blue Dream Ice Cream (10 mg THC total)
1 serving of 1906 Chocolate (10 mg THC total), shaved

1. Scoop Blue Dream Ice Cream into a frosty pint glass.

2. Pour your favorite Keef Cola over ice cream.

3. Top with shaved 1906 Chocolate.

4. Enjoy!