Cannabis Queen Jerky packaging (Anna Stonehouse)

Free-range cannabis-infused buffalo jerky? Of course you can, in Colorado

Todd Gardner’s free-range bison jerky infused with cannabis oil extracted from marijuana grown in the Roaring Fork Valley is the only edible marijuana product made in the Aspen area.

Cannabis Queen Jerky is produced in a facility at the Aspen Business Center. Gardner buys free-range bison meat from South Dakota that is blended with spices and cannabis oil. He sends samples from each batch to a laboratory in Durango, which tests to make sure each piece has equal amounts of THC, he said.

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The jerky is sold in more than 100 marijuana dispensaries throughout the state.

“It’s a nice alternative to all the sugar available in edibles,” said Anne Gordon, owner of Herban Underground dispensary in Denver. “I really do love it. It’s absolutely one of my favorite products.”

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