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California chef and ‘ganjier’ teaches cannabis appreciation to his diners

You’ve seen wine pairings on menus, but did you know that a chef in California offers his guest special joint pairings with their gourmet entrees? Holden Jagger is putting his own special twist on cannabis cuisine by developing menus that go great with a puff of marijuana.

His dinners also come with a complementary lesson in cannabis appreciation, including info about the plant as well as tips for tasting the terpenes and other flavor notes in specific marijuana strains. It’s all part of his job as a a ‘ganjier’ – the cannabis-equivalent of a sommelier for wine aficionados.

How did you get involved in cannabis cooking?
I’ve been a cannabis consumer since I was 16 years old. And I’ve had an interest in cooking from a young age. I probably started focusing most of my time on parties in my kitchen at around 16. Instead of drinking, we would smoke cannabis and make different treats and different things. It was just silly high school stoner stuff. But I carried cannabis as my main inebriant throughout my career in the kitchen.

How does cannabis factor into your life as a chef?
I use it as a lifestyle and it’s definitely integral to my creative process as a chef. I get a little bit of creativity from unwinding with cannabis and reflecting on my day. I get new ideas and inspiration for new dishes and new ideas.

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