Pennsylvanians are competing for 12 grower licenses and 27 dispensary permits available for the whole state. Pictured: Marijuana plants grow in a Denver commercial cultivation facility. (Denver Post file)

About 900 would-be Pennsylvania marijuana businesses apply for 39 permits

PHILADELPHIA — Several investors have received zoning permits for potential medical marijuana dispensaries or growing operations in Philadelphia. reports that Philadelphia’s Department of Licenses and Inspections confirmed at least seven proposed locations received permits from the department. Six others await final approval.

Businesses must secure zoning permits with the Department of Licenses and Inspections before opening medical marijuana establishments in Philadelphia.

The flurry of zoning applications come as the Pennsylvania Department of Health prepares to grant 12 grower licenses along with 27 dispensary permits throughout the state. Only two grower licenses have been allocated for the southeast region of the state, which includes Philadelphia and seven other counties.

The state license application process ended Tuesday. Government officials expected 900 applications statewide.

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