Can microdosing marijuana increase your enjoyment of physical activity? (Seth McConnell, Denver Post file)

Can microdosing enhance your fitness routine?

Cross trainers? Check. Water bottle? Check. Headphones? Check. Tincture? Shit. Of all the things to forget.

The bitter winter wind whips my already-frozen cheeks, as I turn tail and trudge back to the end of the parking lot to fetch the little amber bottle from my trunk. It’s bro-dude rush hour at my gym and I just want to get my workout over with, but the walk is worth it – over the past 10 days, cannabis has become the most essential support element of my fitness routine.

I’m among a group spread across North America whose members have just completed the most tripped-out health challenge ever conceived: Green Flower Media’s Cannabis Health Challenge. The three-tiered lifestyle plan stresses the value in pairing physical activity, clean eating and mindful reflection with – you guessed it – marijuana.

Green Flower, an online educational resource base for all things relative to cannabis wellness, news and culture, launched the challenge on its website in early January for members of its Insider community. Participants were tasked to complete cannabis-supplemented mind-body activities each day for 10 days and track their progress.

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