Examples of three types of concentrates, from left: pressed water hash, CO2 oil and a dab of shatter being pulled off the slab. (photos by Ry Prichard, The Cannabist)

Cannabist Show: He innovated live resin; He created the Duby social network

Featured guests: Cannabis concentrates innovator Kind Bill and Alec Rochford, CEO of Duby.


•  An industry where experience hurts you: navigating the legal weed world with remnants of the black market on your record.

•  Oils and concentrates: building a better bud.

•  Toking tech: Bringing marijuana into the next century.


How many lights do you need in a greenhouse? Our expert weighs in: A greenhouse takes advantage of days of clear skies packed with natural sunlight. That’s an average of 272 days for you in southern Colorado, according to one estimate. Even when the days are short and nights long, natural sunlight will supply the lion’s share of light plants need. The best part about your 6,171-foot elevation is that you are closer to the sun and it is brighter, even in the winter. –Answer by The Cannabist’s master grower Jorge Cervantes

California cannabis businesses prepare to promote themselves in recreational era: In November, Californians overwhelmingly voted to legalize recreational marijuana. One caveat of the new law was that the state would have a year to implement regulations and oversight. State officials will require some time to figure out how to introduce legal weed to the world’s 6th largest economy. Officials need to implement things like how to test a marijuana-intoxicated driver. Along with the state and law enforcement community, the vibrant business community built by and around marijuana growers and product-makers is also trying to quickly figure out how to cash in on what experts presume will be a bonanza of opportunity. Last week, Civilized attended an event hosted by CannaCool Lounge and Women Abuv Ground. The pot-focused soirĂ©e of sorts was designed to help foster the growth of the legal marijuana business. –Report by Civilized’s Zaron Burnett III

The ideal strain for the canna-curious, H2 shines in joints you can actually finish without feeling anxious or paranoid: For most of us, our first experiences getting high weren’t with connoisseur-grade cannabis, artisanally grown by a team of professionals before it was hand trimmed and delivered by a security professional to a state-licensed facility. I’d wager my first bag came from a pound smashed into a brick and shoved into the panel of a van that snuck it over a border. While times may have changed, the fact that a few hits of that schwag got me higher than a Shaquille O’Neal booger hasn’t. –Report by The Cannabist’s Jake Browne


Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper talks about Amendment 64 at the State Capital in 2012. (Denver Post file)
Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper talks about Amendment 64 at the State Capital in 2012. (Denver Post file)

Colorado gov’s weed advice for California: Focus on edibles, home grows, pesticides: Colorado’s governor played sage to California on Tuesday, warning lawmakers that their state has a “steep hill” ahead in legalizing recreational marijuana and urging them to pay close attention to aspects such as home-grow regulations, pesticides and public safety. Hickenlooper addressed California lawmakers in Sacramento to share his lessons learned and words of wisdom from when his state launched first-of-its-kind, adult-use cannabis sales in 2014. “It’s one of the hardest things we’ve ever done, one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in public life, but also one of the things I’m most proud of,” Hickenlooper said during a Senate Governance and Finance committee oversight hearing on cannabis tax system implementation. –Report by The Cannabist’s Alicia Wallace


Test your current events knowledge about The Grateful Dead, Hunter S. Thompson, recreational cannabis monopolies and more.

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