DENVER, CO. - MARCH 22: Packaged for labeling shatter hash made using "BHO" butane hash oil extraction. My 420 Tour is planning to have a hash class as part of World Cannabis Week, the week of 4/20, making them the first marijuana tourism company in America. March 22, 2013 Denver, Colorado. (Photo By Joe Amon/The Denver Post)

Beyond the bud: Are flavored hash oils the next big thing, or are they a bad idea?

The zesty terpenes in cannabis are being utilized in new ways in one of the latest trends in cannabis vaporizer pens: flavored hash oil.

But not everyone is on board with this new twist on infusion.

Cannabis Now senior editor Ellen Holland considers herself a “purist in a lot of senses,” she says on The Cannabist Show. “It is a little strange to me that these things are going in that direction.”

She also has concerns about artificially infusing terpenes: “I feel like if the terpenes are derived from the strain itself, like having a Jack Herer and you’re taking the terpenes out and you’re putting those exact terpenes back in, maybe that’s a different way of crafting a new concentrate flavor. But I have some hesitancy toward the terpenes that are being derived from plants, and I wonder about the health effects that might be associated with vaporizing something like that that we don’t know about yet.”

In the end, Holland doesn’t see the point of wild vape flavors. “I know that lavender is a very soothing essential oil but I don’t know necessarily if I want to smoke lavender… I love the natural flavors of cannabis … I’m not into the crazy distillate flavors like Blue Cotton Candy. I’d rather it just be a straight-forward strain.”

Her suggestion to get back to basics is simple: “Maybe we should just go back to the bowl.”

Watch the full episode of The Cannabist Show featuring Ellen Holland.

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