‘Bong Appétit’ co-host: These are the craziest things we did with marijuana in the kitchen

Viceland TV series “Bong Appétit” relishes in taking cannabis cuisine to “high”-end levels.

Co-host Ry Prichard pops by The Cannabist Show to dish the details on some of the cooking show’s most inventive confections.

“I’m struggling to think of all the things that we did,” Prichard says. “Each meal was at least three different dishes or items, and we would infuse each of those two to five different ways — whether it’s flavor, whether it’s texture, all these different things.”

Take chef Marcel Vigneron’s ice cream, for example.

Vigneron topped his turmeric, lemongrass and black pepper ice cream with Dippin’ Dots-like pellets of juiced marijuana leaves — which are non-psychoactive — put into liquid nitrogen.

“It was this amazing, this bright, sweet ice cream with this kind of bitter, cool element from the Dippin’ Dots,” Prichard says. “I dream about that ice cream every day. It’s so good.”

And to boot, it tasted like Froot Loops, he says.

The recipe, which was tweaked on the fly to use honey to ease some of the bitterness, represents the improvisational and creative essence of the show, he says.

“It was super unique; it was experimental,” he says. “Fortunately, most of these experiments worked.”

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