A tea cup full of marijuana is displayed at The Hive Co-Op Cannabis Club in Lafayette, Colorado. (Jeremy Papasso, Daily Camera file)

Cannabist Show: She sells green-certified cannabis; She steeps Tea-HC

Featured guests: Stillwater brand manager Missy Bradley and L’Eagle co-founder Amy Andrle.


•  What does green certification mean in the cannabis industry?

•  Post-harvest curing: Is aged marijuana the next trend?

•  Put this in your cup and drink it: cannabis infused teas.

•  Microdosing cannabinoids.


Legislature wants more time to mull North Dakota medical marijuana law: Caught off-guard by voters in this highly conservative state approving medical marijuana, North Dakota lawmakers said Monday that more time is needed to implement the law. A rare joint House and Senate meeting was held to consider a proposal to delay the law until the end of July. The so-called emergency measure is supported by both Republican and Democratic leaders, who said state health officials and law enforcement are scrambling to solve a number of issues, including allowable forms and potency of medical pot, and oversight of distributors. “It’s important to allow time to get this right,” Democratic Senate Minority Leader Joan Heckaman told lawmakers. –Report by The Associated Press’ James MacPherson

There’s a marijuana matchmaker: Reality dating shows like “The Bachelor” and “The Millionaire Matchmaker” have made it a familiar scene: Attractive singles gather in a chic location to toast cocktails, exchange banter and – so the story goes – find true love. Marijuana matchmaker and dating expert Molly Peckler believes such scenarios can spark meaningful relationships away from the TV cameras. But she feels there’s always been one missing ingredient: cannabis. “I’m very focused on moving past the stigma of cannabis and showing that it really is something that can make your life and your relationships so much better,” she said. As a longtime marijuana enthusiast herself, Peckler, 32, is an advocate of both the plant’s ability to act as medicine and to help people bond in a warm, friendly environment.–Report by The Orange County Register’s Brooke Edwards Staggs

How two small cities became Colorado marijuana kings in the Denver metro area: Edgewater and Glendale are separated by more than the 10 miles between them. Edgewater is the very picture of suburbia, with its quiet collection of modest, single-family homes perched along tree-lined streets on the western shore of Sloan’s Lake in Jefferson County. Glendale is a hard-charging, commercially focused city defined by apartment living, mid-rise office and hotel towers, strip clubs, strip malls and a world-class rugby stadium. But both Glendale and Edgewater, with 11 recreational marijuana dispensaries and counting between them, now rank as the leaders in the metro area for the number of pot shops per capita. How they came to share the title of king of the weed shops, however, unfolded in very different ways. –Report by The Denver Post’s John Aguilar


CWHemp facilities
Vanessa Cantu pours out hemp oil after removal of Isopropyl alcohol in a hot water bath. The alcohol is used to extract CBD, THC, phytochemicals and terpenes from the hemp plant at the CWHemp facilities in Boulder on July 6, 2016.(Paul Aiken, Daily Camera file)

Legal challenge filed against DEA’s new marijuana extract rule: The hemp industry has taken the DEA to court in the wake of a controversial new rule on marijuana extracts. Denver’s Hoban Law Group, representing the Hemp Industries Association, Centuria Natural Foods and RMH Holdings LLC, on Friday filed a judicial review action against the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, alleging the agency overstepped its bounds when enacting a rule establishing coding for marijuana derivatives such as cannabidiol (CBD) oil. The action, Hoban attorneys allege, puts at risk a booming cannabis and hemp industry and a wide variety of hemp-based products currently on the market. “We’re talking about jobs and the economy and agricultural (revival),” attorney Bob Hoban said in an interview with The Cannabist on Friday. –Report by The Cannabist’s Alicia Wallace


Test your current-events knowledge about the “olds” in Philadelphia, the price per pound for pot, a branch of the U.S. military loosening its marijuana stance and more.

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