Marijuana grown for medical purposes is shown inside a greenhouse at a farm in Potter Valley, Calif., in Mendocino County, which is part of the Emerald Triangle that also includes Humboldt and Trinity counties. (Eric Risberg, Associated Press file)

You know you’re curious: Here’s how California’s Humboldt County voted on marijuana legalization

Humboldt County’s top cannabis-growing regions were unanimous in their opposition to California’s second attempt to legalize nonmedical marijuana through Proposition 64 in November. But unlike the first legalization attempt in 2010 with Proposition 19, Humboldt County’s population centers were ready to legalize this time around.

Nearly 60 percent of Southern Humboldt voters opposed Proposition 64 with the average voter turnout for the region at 69 percent on Nov. 8, according to the county’s precinct-level voting reports released this week. In comparison, about 66 percent of Southern Humboldt voters opposed Proposition 19.

Also opposed: Willow Creek’s Precinct 5KT-6, which had a 55 percent opposing Proposition 64 compared with the 59 percent opposition to Proposition 19 six years ago.

Fortuna had a 51 percent opposition to the measure, which is a notable shift from the nearly 63 percent opposition to Proposition 19.

When Proposition 19 went before Humboldt County voters in 2010, only Arcata and Trinidad voted in favor of the measure. The two cities voted even more favorably for Proposition 64 ­– both at or near 70 percent in support — and were joined by Eureka and McKinleyville, which had voted against Proposition 19 by few percentage points in 2010.

This time, Eureka voters were more keen on marijuana legalization with 63 percent voting in favor of Proposition 64. McKinleyville voted 53 percent in favor of the measure.

Proposition 64 legalizes the possession, use, cultivation, manufacturing, transport and commercial sales of nonmedical marijuana throughout the state. Local cannabis cultivators had voiced concerns about the measure allowing for unlimited commercial cannabis licenses and uncapped grow sizes, which they claimed would allow larger businesses to take control of the market and eventually buyout smaller farms.

Proponents of Proposition 64 stated that the measure provides checks and balances by allowing the state to control the size of the grows and to limit the number of licenses given to a single entity or individual.

Proposition 64 passed statewide with a 57.1 percent vote.


Proposition 64 voting percentages by region of Humboldt County.

Southern Humboldt:

• Yes: 40.3%

• No: 59.7%


• Yes: 48.8%

• No: 51.2%


• Yes: 63.4%

• No: 36.6%


• Yes: 70.9%

• No: 29.1%


• Yes: 66.4%

• No: 33.6%

Willow Creek/Hoopa/Orleans:

• Yes: 48.9%

• No: 51.1%


• Yes: 59.45%

• No: 41.55%

Source: The Humboldt County Elections Office’s precinct-level final election results.

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