Voters legalized Maine marijuana for recreational use. But now the ballot question is being recounted. Pictured: Former U.S. Marine Sgt. Ryan Begin smokes medical marijuana at his home in Belfast, Maine on November 21, 2014. (Robert F. Bukaty, The Associated Press)

Here’s how long it could take to recount the Maine marijuana ballot question

AUGUSTA, Maine — The Maine Department of the Secretary of State says a recount on a ballot question for recreational marijuana legalization will likely take four to six weeks.

A recount request for a ballot initiative that raises taxes on high earners to fund public education has been withdrawn.

Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap says the recount about the school tax question was scheduled to get started on Thursday. However, it was formally withdrawn on Tuesday.

A recount of a ballot question that asked residents if they wanted to legalize marijuana in the state is still set to begin on Dec. 5.

Voters narrowly passed both measures on Nov. 8.