Budtender Kirsten Duncan refills plastic jars at Starbuds, a shop in Aurora, Colorado, in September 2015. (Denver Post file)

There’s only one license left to sell pot in Colorado’s third-biggest city

There is one last license for a marijuana store up for grabs in Aurora and applicants have until Nov. 30 to land it.

Aurora issued 23 of 24 available licenses two years ago after an extensive evaluation and scoring process but a license in the southeast part of the city — the city’s final one — went unclaimed.

The city will open the application process on Oct. 3 and hopes to award the license to an applicant by Feb. 1.

Applicants who do not currently operate a retail marijuana establishment in Aurora must attend a mandatory pre-licensing meeting. Applicants also must submit an application to the state. A maximum of four pot shops is allowed in each of the city’s six council wards.

The application is available online at www.auroragov.org/amed. For more information, contact the Aurora Marijuana Enforcement Division at 303-739-7833 or marijuana@auroragov.org.

This story was first published on DenverPost.com