Two new studies published by the journal JAMA Internal Medicine link legal marijuana with fewer opioid prescriptions. (Thinkstock / Getty Images)

How this successful ganjapreneur convinced his physician dad medical marijuana is legit

When Andrew Schrot told his family that he would leave Florida to start a cannabis business in Colorado, he was dealt plenty of skepticism — especially from his father, who works as a family medicine physician.

“My dad did quite a bit more research into it, looked into the medical applications,” says Schrot, who founded BlueKudu, a Denver-based edibles company. “At that time, the two big states were obviously Colorado and California. This was back in 2010. And he’s come around quite a bit the last several years.”

In fact, Schrot says his father recently published an article in a Great Britain medical journal providing guidance and an introduction to physicians who hadn’t yet worked in cannabis.

Schrot joins Cannabist editor-in-chief Ricardo Baca on The Cannabist Show to share his story of this evolving relationship with his father as well as what led to the founding of BlueKudu.

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