Seth Rogen and Ricky Williams guest on "Any Given Wednesday with Bill Simmons." (HBO)

What NFL alum Ricky Williams does when he gets too stoned (it’s kinda disgusting)

We all have our little tricks we employ when we get too stoned.

Musician Neil Young has his: Chewing on peppercorns. Yeah, it sounds pretty gross.

It turns out former NFL player (and current ganjapreneur) Ricky Williams also has a trick for when he gets too high. And it, too, sounds absolutely disgusting.

Williams and actor Seth Rogen were on HBO’s “Any Given Wednesday with Bill Simmons” this week for what was, unfortunately, an awkward segment of talk show-styled television. Let me help you save five minutes of your life — skip to the 5:40 mark in the above video — and you’ll hear Williams’ advice.

Seriously, watch it. The shit is weird.

Now, some real talk: A half a cup of sugar? Directly into your mouth? And that’s it?

“You might have to chase it with water,” Williams explains.

But that doesn’t sound any better. Not to me, at least.

What are the tricks you employ when you’re too stoned? Leave a comment, or hit me up at @bruvs.

UPDATE: When we tagged Williams on Twitter for this post, he responded back to us that he doesn’t employ the sugar trick — only that it works.

“I didn’t say I did it, I said that’s what works,” Williams tweeted. “I’ve never been too high, I’m not even sure I think that it’s possible.”