For more than a decade, Nevada marijuana has been legal for medicinal use. But the 2016 ballot measure would allow adults to purchase weed recreationally. Pictured: This Sept. 2, 2010 photo shows a marijuana plant as it matures in a grow house in Denver. (Ed Andrieski, The Associated Press)

Jobs, taxes & tourists: Supporters tout benefits of legalizing Nevada marijuana

LAS VEGAS — A group that wants to legalize recreational marijuana in Nevada says the state could gain thousands of jobs by doing so.

Supporters of a measure that will appear on that ballot in November released an economic analysis this week that shows a recreational marijuana industry could support about 3,300 direct jobs once it’s in full swing in 2024.

The analysis by Las Vegas-based RCG Economics also shows the industry could yield $464 million in tax revenue for the state over a seven-year period.

Report authors say tourists would account for roughly half of the recreational marijuana sales.

Nevada has allowed medical marijuana for more than a decade, but the ballot measure would allow adults to buy the substance even if they don’t have a prescription.