Michigan church: Give us this day our daily weed

LANSING, Mich. — A nondenominational Michigan cannabis church seeking to combat stigmas associated with marijuana use had its inaugural service on Sunday.

The Lansing State Journal reports that the First Cannabis Church of Logic and Reason would be holding its first service at the Lansing Herbal Farmers Market.

Leading the proceedings was 34-year-old Jeremy Hall, an ordained minister and state-licensed medical marijuana patient.

Michigan voters approved marijuana use for some chronic medical conditions in 2008.

Hall said he wants to have weekly services and provide a space where people can be spiritual, but also feel safe to take any of their medications. According to Hall, marijuana can be a part of a religious experience because it can help those in pain and create a sense of belonging.

“If they also feel cannabis is part of their spirituality, they can combine the two in a safe environment,” Hall said.

Hall encourages medical marijuana users and nonusers to visit the place of worship. He expected about 40 people to show up to the first service.

According to Hall, Lansing is the perfect place for the church since it has shown support for medical marijuana use and dispensaries.

In 2013, voters in Lansing passed a City Charter amendment that says nothing in the city’s Code of Ordinances applies to use, possession or transfer of less than one ounce of marijuana on private person who is at least 21.

Since the service would be held on private property, Hall did not expect any problems or abuse of city rules and regulations.


Information from: Lansing State Journal