Pueblo County officials agreed to give CSU-Pueblo $270,000 in funding to research the impact of marijuana on the community. Pictured: The Herban Underground, located in the Fleming Bros Building, on Denver's "Green Mile" is a basement recreational and medical marijuana shop. (Vince Chandler, The Denver Post)

Colorado school in line for big chunk of change for marijuana research

PUEBLO, Colo. – Colorado State University-Pueblo is closer to being able to conduct research on marijuana.

On Monday, Pueblo County officials agreed to provide up to $270,000 in funding to research the impact of marijuana on the community and the efficacy of treating various issues, like post-traumatic stress disorder, with medical marijuana.

Also, a new law calls for $900,000 from Colorado’s Marijuana Tax Cash Fund to be given to CSU-Pueblo for cannabis research. Governor John Hickenlooper signed Senate Bill 191 on Monday, June 6.

“This is a momentous day,” the statement quoted Pueblo County Commissioner Sal Pace as saying. “I am incredibly excited to have real quantifiable data about how cannabis is affecting our community.”

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