Marijuana plants seized from a property on the 4600 block of Rock Creek Road in Pueblo County. (Provided by Pueblo Sheriff's Office)

Pueblo County deputies seize $247,000 worth of pot from illegal grow

Pueblo County Sheriff’s deputies seized 245 marijuana plants Monday and arrested a man on suspicion of having an illegal grow.

The Sheriff’s Office received a citizen’s complaint about the property at 4611 Rock Creek Road that led to the bust, said Gayle Perez, Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman.

Bradley William Glavin, 30, was living in a trailer and growing pot in the foundation of an unfinished home and in two greenhouses on the property.

Since mid-March, Pueblo deputies have seized 5,873 plants, and 82 pounds of dried marijuana, arrested 35 people and shut down grows in 25 homes throughout the county, Perez said.

In one case, five arrests made at separate grows in different homes were related. In another, seven were arrested for cultivating plants in another five homes.

Glavin’s alleged grow doesn’t appear to be related to any others and he didn’t have the licensing needed to grow the marijuana, Perez said.

Deputies also seized 3 pounds of dried marijuana from the property. The estimated street value of the weed is $247,000.

Glavin was arrested, but deputies left him six plants — the state’s limit for one person growing legal marijuana.

He faces charges of possession of marijuana with intent to manufacture and cultivation of marijuana.

During the investigation on Rock Creek Road, deputies received a complaint of another possible illegal grow at a nearby property on Muldoon Road.

A search warrant was executed at that residence, but it was determined the grow was within the owner’s legal limit as allowed by state law.

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