Massachusetts policy makers have a chance to get ahead with planning for possible marijuana legalization, but it appears they are looking backward, not forward. (Denver Post file)

Massachusetts marijuana: Court to hear challenges to pot ballot

BOSTON — The state’s highest court is set to hear two challenges to a proposed ballot question to legalize recreational marijuana in Massachusetts.

One lawsuit seeks to block the measure. It alleges that supporters have misled voters about its ramifications, including a claim by opponents that it would allow for the sale of genetically modified forms of marijuana with THC concentrations of 60 percent or higher.

The other challenge focuses on the title of the proposed law, “Marijuana Legalization.” Critics say the title is misleading for a law that does not legalize possession of marijuana by people under 21 and limits its use by people 21 or older.

The question will likely go to voters in November.

The Supreme Judicial Court is set to hear oral arguments in both cases Wednesday.