Marijuana plants fill a greenhouse in Otsego, Minn., at the Minnesota Medical Solutions cultivation facility in May 2015. (Glen Stubbe, Star Tribune via The Associated Press)

Pennsylvania is making a move to jumpstart medical marijuana program

HARRISBURG, Pa. — The state’s Department of Health says it expects to write temporary regulations this year creating a Pennsylvania medical marijuana program.

The state’s Secretary of Health, Dr. Karen Murphy, held a briefing this week on the process.

Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf signed legislation in April creating the program. The bill’s drafters have said it could take two years to write regulations and get retailers opened.

The bill sets standards for tracking plants, certifying physicians and licensing growers, dispensaries and physicians. Patients could take marijuana in pill, oil, vapor, ointment or liquid form, but would not be able to legally obtain marijuana to smoke or grow.

A provision of the law now allows parents to bring medical marijuana bought legally from another state into Pennsylvania to administer to their children.