Marijuana Lawyer Sean T. McAllister of Breckenridge. Joe Amon, The Denver Post

Cannabist Show: He defends the industry in court; He runs a cyber smoke sesh

Featured guests: Cannabis industry attorney Sean McAllister and High There app CTO Mitch Lane.


•  What could be the first wrongful death lawsuit against the marijuana industry.

•  Why some Colorado towns are still saying “no” to recreational marijuana.

•  Could the Broncos really play in a stadium named for a cannabis company with Sports Authority’s bankruptcy headed to court?


Can California landlords evict their tenants for smoking legal weed? Can California landlords evict their tenants for smoking legal weed? It’s a question that is currently under debate in California’s state house, where a new bill could codify landlords’ existing rights to prohibit smoking marijuana in their properties — regardless of whether the smoker is a patient who is legally registered to use the drug medicinally. The proposal was born out of concern that secondhand smoke of any kind is unhealthy, according to Assemblyman Jim Wood (D-Healdsburg), who presented the bill. –Report by Emily Ornberg, Special To The Cannabist

Littleton nixes plan to repeal recreational pot ban: Elected leaders in this suburb south of Denver shot down a proposal to allow recreational marijuana sales late Tuesday night, capping a long evening of heartfelt back and forth by those on both sides of the issue. More than 50 residents signed up to weigh in on a proposal to end Littleton’s nearly 2-year-old ban on recreational pot. The final vote was 5-1 against the measure. Ron Castagna, former Lakewood High School principal, said cannabis would do nothing less than erode the pillars of society. “Are we going to be the place where Nero fiddled and Rome burned, or are we going to have the integrity to say enough?” he asked. “This is about what kind of society we want.” –Report by John Aguilar, The Denver Post

Weed, yoga, friends and a champagne brunch: My high kicked in right around our first plank. I felt the oncoming stone in my stomach muscles, oddly. I’m still somewhat new to yoga practice, and I sometimes have a hard time engaging the specific muscles my teachers reference. The stomach is a good example. It’s a muscle group my chiropractor says should be engaged throughout the workday, especially when I’m sitting at my writing desk. But I don’t usually remember to engage my stomach muscles when I’m just sitting there writing and editing. I usually resort to the same crappy posture I’ve had most of my adult life. And that’s probably why I’m so close with my chiropractor. –Report by Ricardo Baca, The Cannabist


Test your current-events knowledge about international drug law, current and former NFL players pushing for cannabis in pro football, (other) cannabis journalists and more.

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