"Silicon Valley" character Erlich Bachman, played by T.J. Miller, has a lungful in the episode "Maleant Data Systems Solutions." (screengrab via HBO/YouTube)

Watch: An oh-so-accurate, epic cough attack by T.J. Miller on ‘Silicon Valley’

We’ve all been there. One hit too hard and you’re hacking up a lung.

On the HBO comedy “Silicon Valley,” weed is never far from Erlich Bachman, one of the primary characters who’s played by Denver native T.J. Miller. It’s one of the many stoner subtleties that makes marijuana culture so real throughout the show.

On Sunday night’s episode “Maleant Data Systems Solutions,” the hometown hero did us proud with a hilarious ode to the notorious cough attack.

Just as the Pied Piper crew receives a phone call from their enemy, Gavin Belson (Matt Ross), with news he’s bought their platform, Erlich lights up his Grav Labs Beaker Base pipe. A cough-laugh mashup ensues, to which Richard (Thomas Middleditch) asks, “What is funny about this?”

“Don’t you see? Gavin isn’t trying to fuck us, he just saved our asses,” Erlich mumbles before launching into another cough fit.

Like so many bright ideas on the show and IRL, this $250 million revelation was made mid-high.

Jared (Zach Woods) agrees with Erlich: “He’s right, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, he’s right.”

“Gavin set the…he set the…” Erlich can’t even finish.

“The price point!” says Jared.

Watch closely as the coughing continues and the camera cuts to most of the cast breaking character amidst the wheezing. Like a boss, Erlich clears it finally, prompting Monica (Amanda Crew) to ask, “Is he OK?”

Jared assures the gang, “He’s going to be fine.”

Head on over to YouTube to check out the clip: