A first-of-its-kind license for marijuana transporters, which would give the weed couriers additional powers, awaits the governor's pen in Colorado. (Andy Cross, Denver Post file)

Colorado creating new type of pot license: weed couriers

A first-of-its-kind license for marijuana couriers awaits the governor’s pen in Colorado.

State lawmakers agreed on a measure Monday to create a new “marijuana transporter” license for so-called weed couriers.

Colorado already has 12 marijuana courier companies, which fill out shipping manifests to move pot from growing warehouses to store shelves. The couriers are currently classified as marijuana “vendors,” a broad category which includes other ancillary services.

The new license would give those couriers additional powers, such as temporarily storing pot if an unexpected snowstorm closes a highway. Currently the pot couriers must return to the site of origin if they cannot deliver the marijuana within a designated window.

The courier licenses would cost about $4,400 for two years. Legislative analysts predict 24 people will apply.

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