Investigators discovered 120 plants growing throughout the home at 301 W. Mangrum Drive. (Provided by Pueblo Sheriff's Office)

Three busts in one day net nearly $1M in pot in southern Colorado

In a series of three busts, Pueblo County Deputies seized nearly $1 million worth of illegal marijuana in Pueblo West on Tuesday, according to a news release from the Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office.

Officers made six arrests and seized more than 820 marijuana plants, 90 pounds of dried marijuana and hundreds of thousands of dollars in growing equipment.

Officials arrested Vanessa Bebeau, 32, in connection with an illegal operation at 301 W. Mangrum Drive. Investigators discovered 120 plants growing throughout the home.

They believe the growers were using an indoor swimming pool to irrigate the plants, which were rooted in water rather than soil.

The release said Pueblo City-County Health officials condemned the home because it had mold on the interior and exterior walls. Electrical alterations made by the growers prompted Pueblo Regional Building to declare the home unsafe.

While investigating the Mangrum Drive operation, investigators discovered evidence of a second illegal growing enterprise at 647 Las Verdes Dr. They found 100 plants and around 40 pounds of dried marijuana in three rooms in the house. Investigators also found a number of freshly cut plants, which they believe came from the Mangrum Drive house.

Officials took 60-year-old Gary Copeland — Bebeau’s stepfather — and Mark Harry, 64, into custody.

Earlier Tuesday morning, investigators discovered 609 plants and 50 pounds of dried marijuana in the largest bust in the southern Colorado county’s history.

Douglas Radosti, 47, and his wife, 52-year-old Stephanie, were arrested at their Pueblo West home, said Gayle Perez, spokeswoman for the Pueblo County Sheriff’s office. The couple’s 23-year-old son, Warren, was also arrested.

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