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This top-ranked NFL punter tweeted on 4/20, and got drug tested on 4/21

After one of the National Football League’s best punters tweeted a couple inoffensive 4/20 jokes on April 20, he was then drug tested by his team on April 21 — the day after the marijuana holiday, according to the player.

Indianapolis Colts starting punter Pat McAfee — ranked second in the league for punt average and fifth for punt net — supplements his NFL salary by gigging as a stand-up comedian. To boot, McAfee’s 4/20 shout-outs on Twitter also acknowledged that “I can’t celebrate this particular day:”

Even though many players, former players and fans disagree with the league’s cannabis policy, marijuana use in the NFL is banned, and it will remain banned for the foreseeable future, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell told The Denver Post at the Super Bowl earlier this year.

McAffee followed up his original 4/20 tweet with another fairly standard joke about Colorado “being a bit foggy today:”

Still on 4/20, McAfee joked about April 21st being a “piss-testing paradise” …

… and the tweet became something of a self-fulfilling prophecy the next day when McAfee got this note from the Colts oganization:

It’s so interesting to see how the NFL handles drug testing. The text of McAfee’s drug-testing notice, according to his tweet:

“You have been randomly selected by the NFL drug testing program’s Medical Advisor to complete a urine doping test today. Please report to the drug testing area ASAP to meet with the collector and discuss the testing process, timelines for completing your test and to address any questions you may have. If you feel you are not prepared to provide an adequate specimen you should still check-in with the collector. A valid government or team-issued photo identification is required.”

After the pee test McAfee again checked in with his 412,000-plus followers — “filled the cup like a gentleman” — and didn’t miss the opportunity to make a subtle dig at the league’s cannabis-testing policy. “Turns out it was a (performance-enhancing drug) test … Had no idea they made that type of weed.”