A screenshot from 7News showing one of the new Totino's billboards that's up in the Denver area. (7News)

Totino’s rolls out weed-friendly ad campaign for 4/20 (of course)

This Saturday, tens of thousands will gather in the Mile High City for the annual 4/20 celebration and one company is hoping to capitalize on that crowd.

Pizza roll maker, Totino’s, has rolled out a series of ads on billboards, at bus stops and on light rail trains in an effort to make sure those who get the munchies know how to satisfy their cravings.

“It’s funny,” said one man. “It’s clever marketing.”

One of the imaginative ads reads, “Stock Up B4/20.” Another says, “Better When Baked.”

While Totino’s is riding high from the publicity, not everyone is amused.

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