(Jimmy Kimmel Live)

Mom Weed: New Jimmy Kimmel sketch says moms can be stoners, too

Even late-night host Jimmy Kimmel sees that the marijuana — err, cannabis — industry is in the thick of a very real marketing campaign.

“The marijuana industry is looking to rebrand itself,” Kimmel says in a new skit, embedded above. “They want to change the image of marijuana users to show that pot smokers aren’t just skaters and rappers and gamers — they’re also your neighbors and your teachers and maybe even your mom.”

Playing off modern marijuana’s expanded acceptance — and businesses’ plentiful attempts at monetizing cannabis as appetite suppressant or marijuana as menstrual painkiller — Kimmel’s “Mom Weed” skit is pretty dang funny.

And for those of us who get lifted before knocking out a bunch of household chores, the skit is also dead-on.

“For moms who toke up on the go,” says the skit’s weed-loving mom. “Because let’s face it: Taking a fat rip off some dank-ass ganj makes doing laundry, changing diapers, cooking, doing more laundry, changing more diapers, cooking again almost bearable.”