A high school teacher and a counselor in Steamboat Springs have put together a marijuana education plan that includes intervention for habitual users and athlete awareness. (Thinkstock)

‘Freaks and Geeks’ meet Steamboat: Teachers design weed curriculum

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS — A unique marijuana education curriculum created and piloted in Steamboat Springs during the past year is gaining the attention of schools across the country.

The Marijuana Education Initiative offers four types of school curriculum to address prevention of marijuana use, intervention for self-identified habitual users, alternative to suspension and athlete awareness.

The initiative acknowledges that marijuana is a legal recreational and medicinal substance that many adults are using and no longer an illegal drug that should be lumped together with opiates, methamphetamine and other drugs during health class.

Former Yampa Valley High School teacher Sarah Grippa and counselor Molly Lotz said that after searching for a curriculum to teach their students about marijuana use by children and teens, they realized none existed and decided to get to work creating a curriculum of their own.

“This is not a ‘just say no’ approach,” Grippa said. “This is a reality-based approach.”

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