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Week in Weed: Finding harmony with Twista & Miley growing and smoking

The Week in Weed is a curated collection of our favorite cannabis-infused photos on Instagram. This week Miley Cyrus makes her comeback, smoking a (very thin) blunt with a friend while taking a selfie. Bravo. Additionally, we’ve got some gorgeous glass and stunning grow shots — including one from legendary rapper Twista.

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March 10, 2016

1. Serious glass art.

2. Courtesy of the rapper Twista.

#goodmorning #wakeandbake #livinlegendtour #midwestlegend #motivation

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3. It is called “legal cannabis.”

4. Indeed.

5. Five little carb caps.

6. Its a jungle out there.

7. Marriage material.

8. A joint loyalty card for a local dispensary and restaurant…whaaa???

9. I can imagine Urban Outfitters selling this.

10. Two girls, one blunt.

Ladies who match and are stuck in the 90zzzz @jesse.light

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11. Tommy Chong would smoke with Tommy Chong.

12. Release the medicine!

13. “Pure Love (Bug),” hahahaha!

14.All American Roger.

15. Work out with weed.