Cannabist Show: He grows hemp for CBD, he’s starting an edibles biz

Featured guests: Tim Gordon, hemp operations chief at CBDRx, and Herbanoids owner Brent Beckman.


• Is the revival of hemp farming in the U.S. going to outpace the lucrative business of marijuana?

• How does a brand-new edibles business stand out in Colorado’s crowded, infused marketplace?

• Find out what’s happening with hemp growers who are pursuing organic certification, now that the U.S. Department of Agriculture has changed its rules.

• THC and CBD are well-known components of cannabis. But what are other cannabinoids worth knowing?


Pot brownie brouhaha: A bill seeking to clarify Wyoming penalties for possession of marijuana edibles failed after it missed a legislative action deadline. The Wyoming Senate had passed a bill that called for making it a felony to possess more than three ounces of food or drink containing THC. But the House Judiciary Committee stripped out the felony language after hearing testimony that it’s difficult to gauge how much THC is present. Without legislative clarification or a state Supreme Court ruling, district judges may come up with differing interpretations of the law. –Report by The Associated Press

Political pot gift: When Adams County resident Greg Duran canvassed his neighborhood in support of Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders, a most interesting thing happened. As Duran approached a neighbor’s house — a house he’d walked by many times but had never met its inhabitants — he smelled a familiar and unmistakable scent: patchouli oil. A woman answered the door. “We talked about Bernie. She was leaning toward Hillary (Clinton), but I was able to have a door conversation specifically about why Bernie is a better choice for us,” Duran said. Then their conversation shifted to medical marijuana. “She grew her own … She grabbed a Ziploc bag and said, ‘This is a gift for you being out there and having a real conversation with people’” — and Duran walked away with a gifted ounce of weed. –Report by The Cannabist’s Ricardo Baca


Test your current-events knowledge on NFL players using marijuana — recently and decades ago; unprecedented marijuana laws in the southern hemisphere; and a Boulder firm that nurtures cannabis startups.

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