Homemade cannabidiol oil (Hyoung Chang, Denver Post file)

Georgia House OKs medical marijuana expansion, shipping cannabis oils

ATLANTA — House members approved a bill expanding the list of conditions under which residents would be eligible to possess medical marijuana in Georgia.

Lawmakers voted 152-8 on Monday to add seven medical conditions, including post-traumatic stress disorder, to those already allowed to possess cannabis oil with a doctor’s permission and inclusion on a state registry. The bill also allows manufacturers of the oil to legally ship it to people on the state’s registry.

Monday marked a key deadline for state lawmakers. Bills must pass at least one chamber by the 30th day to remain alive for the year.

Rep. Allen Peake’s original proposal to allow state-licensed manufacturers of medical marijuana products to operate in the state was dramatically scaled back in the face of opposition from Gov. Nathan Deal.

Lawmakers last year approved allowing people with certain medical conditions to legally possess cannabis oil in Georgia. Patients say they still must travel to states where the product can be manufactured, at a high cost and risk of legal trouble while crossing state lines.

Peake, a Republican from Macon, has said he’s disappointed that won’t change this year but plans to continue working on the issue.

“This isn’t an issue that is going away,” Peake said. “Even if it is not me, someone else is going to be leading the charge on this.”