Comedian and actress Amy Schumer (Chris Pizzello, Invision/AP file)

Week in Weed: Amy Schumer surprises us and more stoney fun

Honestly, I can’t believe I’ve made it so many weeks without Miley Cyrus making an appearance. Instead, this week we have the comedians’ comedienne, Amy Schumer, with what appears to be a joint in her mouth. Alongside a bevy of other cannabis pictorials, I think Amy is looking pretty good to be the next canna-celebrity. Thoughts?

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February 23, 2015

1. Front and center — Amy Schumer!

2. Lucky seven.

3. Little buddies.

4. This is about right.

5. Is that weed tucked between the wheels? Sneaky

6. Stoney stone.

7. New thing: wire weed porn.

8. Infused gummies with Nerds inside? Mind blown

9. Get baked, then bbq.

10. Cold hard dabs.

11. Purple power.

12. The language of seeds.

13. Artisan, huh?

14. Up close and personal.

15. Can I get this on a button, please?