Arsenio Hall (John Sciulli, Getty Images)

No, Arsenio Hall will not narc on his weed-smelling Uber driver in D.C.

While in our 420-legal nation’s capital this week, stand-up comic Arsenio Hall was taken aback by the “overpowering” smell of cannabis when he got into his Uber.

“The smell of marijuana in this Uber car is overpowering. #contact,” Hall tweeted Thursday.

Hall’s Twitter followers had fun with the tweet — deadpanning everything from “that’s air freshener” to “Did you ask the driver if he saw a unicorn?” to “does he deliver?” to “did you take Snoop-er?”

And that’s when Uber’s customer support account on Twitter chimed in, hoping to help their celebrity client.

“@ArsenioHall Completely unacceptable, Arsenio!” Uber Support tweeted. “Please DM us your account email address so we can follow up with you right away.”

But Arsenio’s no narc — and he said as much in a tweet to Uber Support.

“Noooooo!” Hall tweeted. “It’s all good y’all. That ride was the first time I giggled, this entire day!”