A marijuana plant sits behind glass at Oaksterdam University in Oakland, Calif., in July 2009. (Justin Sullivan, Getty Images file)

Week in Weed: Paying our respects to David Bowie, Alan Rickman & Lemmy

Welcome to the Week in Weed. As usual, we have a bevy of beautiful bud shots. But this new year (and the very end of 2015) has seen the death of several famous faces who have, in one way or another, been intertwined with the world of cannabis. So first, we humbly pay our respects.

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January 15, 2015

1. David Bowie’s mugshot for marijuana possession. (And here’s how it happened.)

2. Lemmy once said, ” I don’t see anything wrong with smoking a bit of dope, as it has been proven to be fucking harmless. They are always tossing out the dangers of marijuana on TV, it’s ridiculous.”

3.”Wands up” for Alan Rickman (Metatron in Kevin Smith’s “Dogma”) from two top stoners.

Wands up! #jayandsilentbob say farewell to the Voice of God. I love you, Alan! You were (and will always be) so fucking special! As a young moviegoer, I never imagined I'd get to work with you; but as an adult, I never dreamed we'd become friends in the process as well. Kind-hearted one-off geniuses like you are rare, sir. You got to be many people while you lived, so now rest forever as the only person that #snape #metatron #sheriffofnottingham and #hansgruber ever had in common: they were all brought to life by one of the greatest actors who ever lived. I will mourn you for the rest of my days, until it's my time to go. And when I go, I hope to see you there. #rickman #kevinsmith #Dogma #kevinsmithmovies #jaymewes #rimahorton (Art by @starktoons.) #KevSmithsonian

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4. And “good mernin” to you too!

5. Wraps and ‘rillos.

6. And tubes.

7. Life.

8. Denver Post’s cannabis editor, Ricardo Baca, at a Puff Pass and Paint class.

9. Bath goals.

What's your #relaxation recipe? #cannabis

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10. THIS!

Happy 420 Friday! #dcn #weeklyinspiration #bobmarley #cannabisentrepreneurs #cannabisstartups #entrepreneur #startup #420

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11. Chong agrees with Marley!

This New Years my resolution is to smoke everyone out and spread peace. Coming Soon.

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12. Introducing, “The Limonster.”

13. Houston…we have NO problem.

14. Cannabinoid “cheat sheet.”

15. Hemp, hemp, hooray!