Ultraviolet grow lights illuminate marijuana plants in a grow room at the 3D Dispensary in Denver in February 2014. (David Zalubowski, Associated Press file)

Week in Weed: A stoney start to 2016 with Miley, Snoop and pals

The holiday season, for a cannabis consumer, is maybe the best time of the entire year. There’s time off from work (which means more time to partake) and there are copious amounts of food everywhere you turn. While indulging until you are blue in the face isn’t the best advice to follow all year, it’s the only advice I can take around the end of December.

As usual, some of the best pot pictures from the last week are featured: Enjoy the first edition of the Week in Weed for 2016.

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January 6, 2016

1. Starting off on a high note.

2. Miley celebrated with some ganja over the holiday break.

3. Not surprisingly, so did Snoop Dogg.

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4. So did this guy.

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5. Berry White for the win.

6. Stoner Sloth got famous in December.

7. Medicated turtle brownies.

8. My face when I’ve got a handful of weed.

9. Infused relief balm.

10. High-class artwork.

11. Happy grinder.

12. “Fire in the hole.”

13. This oughtta last all night.

14. My kind of party platter.

15. Vaporize your way to an improved libido.