Shane McKee, co-founder of Oregon medical marijuana dispensary Shango Premium Cannabis, checks the array of dried flowers on display at the shop in Portland, Ore., in November 2014. (Don Ryan, Associated Press file)

Cannabis is now the third Oregon product with a sales tax

PORTLAND, Ore. — Oregon’s tax-free marijuana sales have come to an end.

On Jan. 4, the state started collecting a 25 percent sales tax on marijuana products sold to people without medical cards.

That means cannabis is one of just three products with a tax applied at the point of sale. The others are hotel rooms and prepaid mobile phone credits.

Oregon marijuana stores had been selling tax-free pot in limited quantities since Oct. 1 under legislation approved in July that allowed adults to temporarily buy cannabis products from licensed medical marijuana dispensaries.

State marijuana sales taxes will drop to 17 percent late in 2016 when Oregon’s recreational marijuana program is fully up and running. Local governments will then be able to assess their own taxes of up to 3 percent.