Plants in a RiverRock Cannabis facility grow in pots of peat moss, which is used as part of the organic growing process. Jim Elftmann, chief operating officer for RiverRock Cannabis, strips excess leaves from some of the plants and checks for any signs of disease. (Kathryn Scott Osler, The Denver Post)

Pesticides: Caviar Kings joints, Neos oils made with RiverRock pot recalled

The city of Denver issued its 14th pesticide-rooted recall on marijuana products in as many weeks on Wednesday — this time involving the voluntary recall of certain Caviar Kings-branded pre-rolled joints and hash oil-loaded vape pen cartridges made by Neos.

The recalled products were made with contaminated plant material purchased from marijuana business RiverRock’s cultivation facility, according to Denver’s Department of Environmental Health.

The recall affects 5,825 individual items — including three strains of Neos-branded vape pen oils (Dark Star, Ghost Train Haze and Chem Haze) and Caviar Kings’ T-Cones sold medically and recreationally at Colorado stores. Denver said the products tested positive for potentially dangerous pesticide chemicals imidacloprid and myclobutanil, both of which are banned for use on cannabis by the Colorado Department of Agriculture.

Exact batch numbers, for consumers wanting to see if they purchased any pesticide-tainted products, are listed in the city of Denver’s press release.

RevTec, the licensed marijuana company behind the Neos and Caviar Kings brands, told The Cannabist it had placed too much trust in the cultivation companies that sell raw marijuana materials.

“We purposely source from grow facilities that claim organic processing,” said Nate Wilson, RevTec’s director of operations. “RiverRock used to be known as ‘organic.’ And once we made a strong relationship with them, we felt that we had organic bud. But they lied to us, and we’re really upset because we pride ourselves on having organic bud.”

RiverRock Cannabis was formerly known as RiverRock Organic Medical Cannabis. The company changed its name — and its signs, promotional items and T-shirts — this fall after learning that the Colorado attorney general’s office was investigating marijuana businesses over concerns the word “organic” might be misleading to customers.

RiverRock released a statement to The Cannabist saying, “We regret the situation and have taken this opportunity to renew our commitment to producing quality cannabis products.

“In late 2014 a former grower applied pest treatments on a batch of cannabis that have since been prohibited by the Department of Agriculture. Both this grower and the former Chief Operations Officer responsible for cultivation have left RiverRock as of early 2015.”

Customers with the listed products should dispose of them, return them to the point of purchase or email RevTec at