Cannabis-infused wedding bouquets, floral arrangements and boutonnieres from Buds & Blossoms. (Bec Koop)

Cannabis Wedding Expo: Plan a weed wedding at this first-of-its-kind event

While some modern weddings are dry — no alcohol served, not even for Uncle Larry — most receptions welcome intoxicants that inevitably pack the dance floor with flirty smiles and happy feet.

But what about that kinda new, kinda not, increasingly legal intoxicant marijuana? Cannabis Concierge Events owner Bec Koop knows that weed is no stranger to the after-wedding party.

“I sometimes joke: With every single wedding that we’ve been to, there’s probably been at least one person out in the car in the parking lot getting high,” Koop recently told The Cannabist. “So let’s be honest — it’s always been there, it’s been a part of almost every party and event scene, so why not incorporate it?”

Koop and her colleague, Cultivating Spirits founder Philip Wolf, are throwing what might be the world’s first marijuana-centered wedding expo on Denver’s Santa Fe Arts District in mid-January. The 21-and-up Cannabis Wedding Expo will take over the Point Gallery, 765 Santa Fe Dr., from 11 a.m.-4 p.m. on Jan. 17 — and all of the traditional wedding expo categories will be present, Koop said, adding that vendor spots are still available.

“We’re finding the right vendors and venues and people who are at least open-minded to cannabis and finding the ways that people are allowed to incorporate it and enjoy it — ice bongs, vape stations, bud bars, pre-loaded bowls, joints, whatever the circumstances may be,” Koop said.

Flower Floral photography backdrops
Cannabis-infused wedding bouquets, floral arrangements and boutonnieres from Buds & Blossoms. (Bec Koop)

The weed-wedding event will even offer a space for on-site marijuana consumption for those who want to peruse dresses and venues — dip out for a hit on the vape pen or bowl — and then jump back in to meet caterers, photographers and even a florist who incorporates cannabis flowers and leaves into her boutonnieres. (The event is strictly bring-your-own, of course.)

That 420-friendly florist is Koop, whose Buds & Blossoms work illustrates this story.

“It’s becoming such a common trend in the wedding dress world now,” said Koop, adding that 75-80 percent of her clients are from outside of Colorado. “Cannabis can be incorporated into events and weddings in classy, modern and sophisticated ways. It doesn’t have to be totally in your face. It can be on a discreet level — or it can be loud and proud around your love of the bud. The expo is really an opportunity to showcase this new trend that’s not going away.”

The event will also host four speakers talking on: Pairing cannabis with wine and food, what to be aware of when you combine edibles and alcohol consumption and other topics. Bride-to-be (and marijuana industry mover-and-shaker) Lauren Gibbs will speak at the expo about the pot-friendly nuptials she and her husband are planning. The owner of Expo venue Point Gallery will speak on his experiences hosting cannabis events — and why he prefers hosting weed parties to booze bashes, Koop said.

“People back in the day used to run out to the car to drink from their flask, and now we have ice luges at weddings for shots of alcohol,” Koop said. “Well, I’m happy to say that I have smoked out of an ice bong, and it was great. This event is truly a matter of showing how the evolution of cannabis has changed.”

Tickets to the Cannabis Wedding Expo, $20, can be purchased by RSVPing for the event here.

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