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Denver health officials issue food safety advisory for pot capsules

Denver health officials have issued a food safety advisory for RX Green’s “Autopilot” capsules, a marijuana-infused product.

The city’s health department says any of the manufacturer’s Omega-3 and THC pills made before Sept. 17 should be discarded. The products have a license number of 404R-00109 on their package.

“The advisory is due to concerns regarding the manufacturing process and lack of temperature controls in place to prevent bacterial growth,” Denver’s Department of Environmental Health said in an advisory on Friday. “There have been no reports of illness at this time.”

“This advisory has been issued as a result of a food safety inspection.”

The health department says RX Green, based in Aspen, has not issued a recall.

Josh Meacham, spokesman for RX Green, said the advisory is based on an incomplete analysis by Denver health officials, explaining that an inspector failed to fully analyze the marijuana operation’s standard procedures.

“We stand by our product 100 percent,” he said.

“They just took it upon themselves to (issue this advisory),” Meacham added.

“Consumers with questions about distribution outside of Denver should contact the manufacturer,” the advisory said.

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