Screen grab from Denver Post-commissioned tests by Gobi Analytical on marijuana extracts sold at Denver shops. (The Denver Post)

See the results from Denver Post testing for pesticides in pot products

One of legal marijuana’s more crucial health concerns might surprise many of its regular users.

“The most pressing potential health risk in this industry is likely to be pesticides,” Ian Barringer recently told us. And he would know. Barringer is the founder of cannabis testing facility Rm3 Labs in Boulder.

When The Denver Post and The Cannabist commissioned a series of eight tests on five Colorado marijuana extract labels, one of the brands – Mahatma Concentrates – tested positive for high levels of three chemicals found in pesticides that have never been approved for use on cannabis.

The level for one of the pesticides, imidacloprid (the active ingredient in the Mallet and Merit pesticide brands), was six times the maximum amount allowed by the federal government on any food product — and 1,800 times the highest level Denver accepted when it quarantined marijuana plants earlier this year.

See the original test results from Colorado lab Gobi Analytical, which The Post hired to conduct the tests:

Document 1 test results

Document 2 test results